Monday, April 22, 2013

Silver Currant Blog RIP, Silver Current Records launching!

Hello Everyone,
  After 4 years of posting mp3 downloads of a few fun gems from my archives I am shaking off this incarnation of Silver Currant Blog for a new one that can go deeper on the concept. Within the next month or so I will be launching a handmade record label online that will release limited edition, silk-screened packaged releases along the same lines of the music you've found here in the past; live bootleg style recordings from the past, present and future, demos and lost recordings of interest from the archives and various other kinds of subterranean pieces from bands that I have been involved with in the past and present and now extending outward to include these kinds of releases for other bands that I love.
   Thank you for following the blog as it has existed over the past 4 years. Even though I've been a bit sporadic on the posts due to a heavy touring schedule at times I have been deeply rewarded in sharing and having a dialog about this music with you. I believe that Silver Current's new incarnation as a handmade record label will honor and document the music on a much deeper level by giving it a physical (and beautiful) release into the world so that people that are interested and love this music can have something real for their record collection.
    I have found an incredible art studio for my wife and I to set up the screen printing operation in San Francisco and we will be hand silkscreening all products, each piece stamped and hand numbered.
    My writing and refections will still be a part of the new site as will some of the free download, stream and visual elements that have been a part of the blog over the last 4 years.
    Upon launch there will be lots of live material available in HQ digital download as well as 3 first edition runs of previously unreleased concerts and recordings by Howlin Rain, Comets On Fire and Earthless with much more to follow as I get the site fully launched and dive into the next wave of music I have waiting on the line to print.
   Please follow me over to a new home at I will hopefully be launching within the next 2 to 3 weeks. Stay tuned and see you soon!
Ethan Miller