Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Hello All,
I hope this finds you well as spring is quickly running to summer here in Oakland. June has come with a little time off the road for Howlin Rain. Amongst other late spring celebrations and endeavors I've managed to get back through some of the recordings from the winter tour runs. I found the midwest dates had an especially nice cocktail of super jammed out tunes and yet a restless, raw nerve and wild-eyed energy so I put together a comp of highlights from those gigs.
  In the past some folks have asked about hi-quality lossless versions of the releases on the Silver Current blog. I will shortly begin releasing items from the blog as part of a Silver Current "Bootleg" series exclusive to the Howlin Rain merch table and our on-line web store. More on that over the next month or so but for now enjoy "Howlin Rain, Jammin' the Midwest!"

1. Phantom In The Valley
2. Beneath Wild Wings/ Boogie Jam out
3. Dancers At the End of Time
4. Can't Satisfy Me Now
5. Calling Lightning pt 2
6. Hung Out In The Rain
7. Roll On the Rusted Days

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