Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Hello All,
I hope this finds you well as spring is quickly running to summer here in Oakland. June has come with a little time off the road for Howlin Rain. Amongst other late spring celebrations and endeavors I've managed to get back through some of the recordings from the winter tour runs. I found the midwest dates had an especially nice cocktail of super jammed out tunes and yet a restless, raw nerve and wild-eyed energy so I put together a comp of highlights from those gigs.
  In the past some folks have asked about hi-quality lossless versions of the releases on the Silver Current blog. I will shortly begin releasing items from the blog as part of a Silver Current "Bootleg" series exclusive to the Howlin Rain merch table and our on-line web store. More on that over the next month or so but for now enjoy "Howlin Rain, Jammin' the Midwest!"

1. Phantom In The Valley
2. Beneath Wild Wings/ Boogie Jam out
3. Dancers At the End of Time
4. Can't Satisfy Me Now
5. Calling Lightning pt 2
6. Hung Out In The Rain
7. Roll On the Rusted Days

get it here:


  1. Wow! Great, great stuff! I'm anxious about europe live gigs! (Portugal would be great :) )

  2. I'm dying to get my hands on a recording of you acoustic set from the Living Room in NYC from this past winter/spring. Any chance of it getting posted here, and if not is there anywhere online where it can be procured? BTW, the new album is amazing, you folks just keep getting more and more amazing with each outing. I now mark the years by which Howlin Rain albums I was obsessing over at the time...

  3. Can we get a list of the date(s) and venue(s) these tracks are taken from?

  4. Awesome job on this compilation, fellas. It must be so fun to play these songs. Verily, I say unto you, your music is so fun to listen to.

    I'd love to hear a live version (if you've done one) of "...Still Walking, Still Stone." That's such a badass jam.

  5. Great stuff. Any chance of a future comp with live versions of Walking Through Stone, Good Life, and Burning of The Midnight Lamp? Or how about the whole Annapolis gig from the other night.

  6. Hey Ethan!

    Great set at the Rickshaw last night. I'm the guy that talked to you about getting that first album out on vinyl.

    Couldn't find your contact so shoot me an E-mail at if you want to get in touch.

  7. Thanks! Will you ever come play to Spain? Eagerly awaiting...

  8. A million thanks for the absolutely startling, overwhelming show last nite in Madrid. That hendrixian Killing Floor cover was fantastic, and is incredible to see how you take your own songs through different paths and jam 'em up.
    An absolute pleasure talking to you (you still owe us Outcast or I want To See the Bright Ligths), and to Isaiah & Raj.
    Sorry to hear about Joel's illness, hope he gets well soon.
    See you all soon, best wishes for the rest of the tour.

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