Monday, March 9, 2009

Howlin Rain Unreleased Haunted Acoustic EP from the Vaults: "Three From A Phantom Saloon"

This is a 3 song EP that Joel and I recorded at Louder Studios in SF with 2 acoustic guitars and a piano. It is 3 Howlin Rain songs rendered into mutant acoustic versions. We mostly just ran tape and played and sang with a piano overdub or a vocal overdub here or there when we felt we could do better or to round it out. It was a quick little session that we did in one evening in some left over time from a mastering or editing session that was for something else to do with preparation for Magnificent Fiend's release back in late '07. I just came across them and took a listen the other day and they sound raw but beautiful and ghostly to me. More like ghosts than old songs and recordings usually sound to me. I Especially dig the haunted saloon piano vibe and "Romancing The Stone" soundtrack-esque acoustic solo. The proper accompaniment drink for this EP is a tall Vodka with Club Soda and plenty of fresh Lime. AKA the Tim Green fave.

Howlin Rain.
"Three From A Phantom Saloon"

1.In Sand & Dirt
2.Calling Lightning pt 2

Photo of Ethan & Joel at Old East Oakland practice space by Hilary Hulteen, 2008.
download here:

Monk's Rules To His Band

This has been posted elsewhere and is not exclusive to Silver Currant but it is just such a simple yet transcendent set of commandments I wanted it here too in case folks had missed it elsewhere. Click on the image to enlarge for viewing. Fellow musicians, these are your marching orders, they will never fail you!