Monday, February 16, 2009

Unrivaled International Psych, Savage Jams, Broken Rock & Battered Soul Comp by the Mighty Fitz!

As the premiere posting olive branch I present to you a shrine of psychedelic music. This incredible grail of savage jams, battered Soul and international Psych warriors was compiled by the legendary John Fitzgerald (aka Fitz) for me after I told him that I wanted him to make me a "riff" comp to inspire me to write heavy riffs for the next Howlin Rain record. Fitz has booked and driven and promoted Howlin Rain across much of the UK, Europe and Scandinavia in the last year and most of the time some glorious unearthed heavy psych gem was blasting from the stereo, out of tune guitars wailing, drums pounding, some foreign rock god or goddess shrieking bloody murder in some unrecognizable but hypnotic tongue as our van screamed down the M1 or Autobahn! Fitz is a true lover and collector of underground and the esoteric of international hard rock psychedelia, the more riffed out the more beautiful. Thank You Fitz!
Please enjoy and share.


1. Metamorphi. Four Levels of Existance
2. Lagoa das Lontras. O Terco
3. Ve. Erkin Koray
4. Human Being. Coloured Balls
5. Egy Lany Nem Ment Haza. Omega Redstar
6. Noc Je Moja. YU Grupa- Yu Grupa
7. Negros Son Tus Ojos. Las Grecas
8. Let Me Start. Telegraph Ave
9. Bullets. Zipper
10. Gdyby's Kochal Hej! Breakout
11. Sevenler Aglarmis. 3 Hur-El
12. Violence. Blue Phantom
13. Nao Fale Com Paredes. Modulo 1000
14. Toma El Tren Hacia El Sur. Alemendra
15. E Assim Falava Mefistofeles. O Bando
16. Cynthy-Ruth. Black Merda
17. Thinking Black. Ike Turner & His Kings of Rhythm
18. Midnight Train. Tommy James
19. Your Love Has Been So Good To Me. Ruth Copeland
20. Show Stopper. Iron Knowledge

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  1. Wow. Really looking forward to hearing this! Thanks very much for sharing it. Keep up the good blog. It's going to be fun. All the best,

  2. truly Awesome compilation dudes, Thanks for posting

    try Check out some of these bands sometime man. great riffs!

    Shinki Chen:
    VERY heavy Japanese, stoner, psych, fuzz. nothing gets heavier than 'Requiem Of Confusion'

    incredible one off album by a sadly ill fated band, powerful vocals, 'Prayer' will make you weep man!

    very badass South African 70's rock outfit, they never survived past the first album. '21st Century Schizoid Man' is a brilliant track.

    (one off incredible Glam, great rock)

    british very sleezy dirty 70's rock/glam with songs like 'more than your mouth can hold', '16 And Savaged' says it all really.

    Tiger B Smith:
    German 70's rock complete with over layed tiger roars. Best track 'Tiger Rock'

    Swedish rockers. Great track 'Destination Nowhere'

    One off brilliant jam album. great track 'Tantra Queen'

    Randy California:
    killer riffs, great track 'Downer'

    P.S please play Green man again you ROCKED!

  3. Thanks man, cant wait to hear these jems and get inspired

  4. glad you're doing this, brother. keep it up, and keep bringing the riffs.

    incidentally, comets/howlin should hit the east coast. i just moved from SF to brooklyn, and we could use some psych rock out here to complement all the avant noise freakouts.

  5. Heavy Comp! Weird though, I was listening to 'Blow My Soul' right before i put this on, and noticed that two of the tracks on that are also on this. The Black Merda & Iron Knowledge tracks. Keep up the good works.

  6. Never though you could know Las Grecas¡¡
    See you at Azkena Rock Festival, and thank you for the music¡¡

  7. Great Post. Any other Black-Psych Fuzz ala Black Merda??

  8. shit, i know many songs ... but seeing them featured on one compilation with some unknown killer stuff ... big thanks bro!

  9. This comp is amazing, when i play it for my friends they wanna know more about each song...I dont know what to tell them, "its a comp i found online!"

  10. This is so rad its blowing my mind. Thank you for sharing.....