Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Birth of the Silver Currant Blog

Good Day,
Welcome to Silver Currant!
I now have a place to post music, books, photos from the road & recordings and gin and tonic ponderings of all sorts that relate to the Howlin Rain or anything otherwise. I have named the blog after my first and only record label; Silver Currant, that I began in Santa Cruz, Ca. in the late 90's. All my releases were usually limited to about 10 copies or so, cdrs and were all hand silk screened covers. I think we released about 2 or 3 Comets on Fire live shows in the Silver Currant cdr roster and so far one Howlin Rain live disk---all those beat out the edition of 10 mark and climbed well into the hundred range! Anyhow, thats where the name comes from. I may be a little slow getting started but I'm going to post some killer tunes and other delights soon. Enough bullshit---I will do my god's honest best to keep the bullshit rants to a minimum and tunes, art and strong cheap dope to a maximum here!
Ethan Miller


  1. Hi Ethan. This is great that you've started a blog, I'm hoping to get some excellent music recommendations. I guess I'll see you in June at Graham's wedding?


  2. Hey, thanks for sharing your visions. Looking forward the posts!

  3. looking forward to some live howlin rain!

  4. I am really looking forward to more posts from you. I would love the recommended books and music. Two of my most favourite things. Thank you for starting this blog.