Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fitz Heavy Riff Comp II

Baris Manco rocking the Bosphorus

From across the Atlantic, all the way from the heart of East London comes the 2nd Riff Comp from the notorious John Fitzgerald. This gem is the second installment of heavy riff jams from the Fitz vault that he has made for me to help inspire the riff writing process in the epic Howlin Rain pre-production journey for our next record. Loaded with international rarities and lost western dance, funk and straight up heavy freak out fuzz and rock classics. In 2010 Fitz has also gone live broadcasting his world wide heavy jams in his "International Psychedelic Podcast". These podcasts are amazing!!! If you've ever ridden shotgun in a sprinter van careening at 90 miles per hour through the Swiss Alps in November while Fitz blasts Edip Akbayram and Baris Manco and exclaims with wonder (with both hands off the wheel) how beautiful Selda must have looked on her wedding day on the Bosphorus with the eastern sun shining down on Asia Minor behind her---well, these podcasts are as close as you can come to that particular exhilaration without actually going on tour! So let some Peppermint Tea steep, set out a bowl of Licorice and Pistachios, jam the podcast and you're as good as in the passenger seat. For the Podcast, go to your itunes, click "advanced", select "subscribe to podcast" and paste this URL: http://feeds.feedburner.com/DOODcast. You can also click that link to stream.

In the meantime, here is Fitz Heavy Riff Comp II:

1. Lena. Curtis Knight

2. Omar Khorshid and His Ma. Omar Khorshid and His Ma

3. Whole Lotta Love. Dennis Coffey

4. Black Tears. Witch

5. Girotondo. Il Balletto Di Bronzo

6. Itt A Nyar. Sarolta Zalatnay

7. Yellow Cab Man. Gun

8. East Side Story. Bob Seger and the Last Heard

9. Basak Saclim. Bunalim

10. Flying. Space Farm

11. Blister on the Moon. Taste

12. My Sorrow. Chico Magnetic Band

13. Deniz Asto Koporor. Edip Akbayram

14. Spotkanie Z Diablem. Krzysztof Klenczon

15. Evolution. Lobby Loyde

16. Sha-La-La. Thin Lizzy

17. The Day the White Flower Bloomed. San Ul Lim

18. Exit. After Life

19. Ana Dell. Cheb Zergui

20. Dearg Doom. Horslips

21. Let Me Love, Let Me Live. Aphrodite's Child

Get it from Media Fire: http://www.mediafire.com/?yyjwyg5t0ft


  1. says the file for song # 6 is corrupt, at least in the mf link, have tried twice now, but the song seems to play ok
    Can't understand how the rs link is supposed to work to be able to try that one
    loving these comps btw thx

  2. Torch, thanks for the note--I tried downloading again from Media Fire and # 6 as the other songs were all in tact. Not sure what's happening for you although if something is wonky in blog world sometimes I try the same operation in a different browser. I've found Firefox doesn't always allow me the same mobility on the blog that Safari does. If the song file is playing fine I guess that's all that matters. Re: the Fitz comp link from Rapid share, my rapid share link was screwed up, accidentally linked it to my account instead of to the Fitz Riff comp 2 link. Fixed that--sorry! No more brandy in the morning tea for a while. (At least till friday morning).

  3. Thanks again for another great comp! I wish a Successful year!

  4. I was having the same problem with track 6 on the media fire link but it's fine on the rapidshare one.

    Thanks for the comp man. Great to see Horslips and Taste in there!

  5. Damn this is a great comp. It should be released "officially" in fact.

  6. I've heard about the cancel of spanish concerts on march. Is that true? The reason I've read is that Howlin Rain begins the recording of a new album with Rick Rubin again. Can you answer if this is correct, please?

  7. Thanks all for the good words on the comp. Meskalina, Howlin Rain was never confirmed to play in Spain in March, it was on the table as a possibility and I guess it was announced pre-maturely. We will be over to do those dates once the record is finished. Thanks, EThan

  8. Ok, thanks for your quick answer. Good luck with the recording and see you on whatever dates you come.

  9. What a great blog! I have some compilation of Indonesian rock bands from 60's-70's that I really want to give to you. Will you be interested? Bless you.

  10. Substereo,
    I would love the Indonesian rock comp. Please email info and link to :
    I look forward to it!

  11. yo SC - please post again man! we're all waiting for more!!! Really dug the Black Cassette - anything raw like that is GOOD! great Blog - keep it up! DinTX

  12. I didn't know that you dig Polish music :D Cheers from Poland. Please come back, the show last year was amazing.

  13. Loved this comp! Very proud to see 3 Irish acts on there, awesome!

  14. Hey Ethan,

    Listened to the comp again the other day. Thanks man. Cant wait to hear the new HR record.



  15. Dear Ethan,
    We're all waiting for a new post with some fantastic obscure psych music! Great stuff man. Thanks a lot.

  16. hope all's well. been awhile since we've heard anything. looking forward to the new comets jam(s) on the three lobed 10 year comp.


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